Daybreaker (The Sanctuary Burnley)

After quite a long self imposed hiatus on doing gig photography, and particularly difficult week at work, I decided to throw myself into the gig mix again to blow off some cobwebs. Headed over to The Sanctuary Bar in Burnley to catch the semi finals of Metal 2 The Masses battle of the bands event. I was there to watch Today, They Are Older… but also really enjoyed Daybreaker.

For this gig I decided to make things hard work by using a Volna-3 80mm f2.8 medium format lens on my Sony A7. A bit of a challenge for myself and to push creativity. Not the sharpest lens in the world in low light conditions (it is in daylight), but it has a lovely render and fell I like.

Daybreaker are an excellent band. They reminded me a lot of early Pantera in places. with great stage presence from the singer and bassist. All musicians are very good, but the drummer has that Dave Lombardo double pedal kick drum down to a tee. Very impressive throughout. Highly recommended band. 

Gear used: Sony A7, Volna-3 80mm f2.8 medium format lens, OM Zuiko 50mm f1.4 lens.

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