Snow Burial - The Napier

Snow Burial live at The Sir Charles Napier, Blackburn 20th January 2017.

What can I say, The Napier goes from strength to strength in booking exceptionally talented live bands to enjoy. This week saw the arrival of Snow Burial “a hard-hitting and dynamic metal-infused experimental rock trio from Chicago”, currently on a mini tour of the UK. 

Snow Burial list their influences as Mastadon, The Melvins and Russian Circles etc. I personally picked up hints of Godflesh, Napalm Death and King Crimson too. These are big names and shoes to fill, but these guys have the ability to play very well, and know how to deliver a sonically dense and immersive listening experience for their audience. At no point do you feel that their technical ability as musicians, got in the way of their musical vision. The performance was and is about music.

Loud, aggressive, in-your-face music delivered with superb musicianship and superb technical competence. This band knows how to put on a show. Highly recommended. 

Snow Burial can be found on Facebook or their own website.

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