Strange Bones

Strange Bones live at Sunbird Records, Darwen 16th February 2018.

I must confess, I’ve not been wanting to photograph live bands for some time now. I’ve been a little bit bored with it all. But then you see a band for the first time that has such energy and drive and passion, you feel nothing but compelled to start photographing them.

For this particular gig, I’d been doing mostly video… an area I’ve been increasingly interested in. I waited to the very last song before starting to snap. Knowing you aren’t going to get perfectly crystal clear, portrait sharp type shots from this band during a show like this… far too much movement, loads of jostling, stage diving, water and drinks being thrown around… a much more straightforward approach was required. 

Waiting to the last song of the night, hang back till it gets going….. ramp up the camera ISO to 12,800, set shutter speed at 1/125sec, zone focus my Pentax SMC 30mm lens to 1 metre, open the aperture up to f2.8, shoot on short burst mode…. get in there, get snapping!

Sharpness is highly overrated. 

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