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  1. Strange Bones

    17 Feb 2018

    Strange Bones live at Sunbird Records, Darwen 16th February 2018 I must confess, I’ve not been wanting to photograph live bands for some time now. I’ve been a little bit bored with it all. But then you see a band for the first time that has such energy and drive…

  2. Sisteray At The Electric Church

    05 Feb 2018

    Sisteray preachng sermon at The Electric Church, The Lemon Tree, Blackburn 2nd February 2018.

  3. Sky Valley Mistress

    26 Nov 2017

    Sky Valley Mistress (v2.0) live at The Ferret, Preston 25th November 2017 Sony A7 with an OM Zuiko 50mm f1.4 and Pentax 30mm f2.8 manual focus lenses.

  4. Twisted Ankle - Sunbird Records

    28 Jan 2017

    Twisted Ankle live at Sunbird Records, Darwen 27th January 2017 Twisted Angle describe themselves as a “jazz trio for the deaf.” A superbly apt and brilliant description of a band who delivered a great ‘in-your-face’ performance that had to be seen. Hailing from Cardiff, Twisted Ankle brought to the stage…

  5. Amy Grindhouse - Sunbird Records

    28 Jan 2017

    Amy Grindhouse live at Sunbird Records, Darwen 27th January 2017 Describing themselves as a “two piece instrumental twinkle band with jazzy/emo/punk influences…”, this stripped back duo of Connor and Matthew delivered an entertaining and fun filled performance of self penned compositions that weaved effortlessly in-and-out of intricate, texturally rich guitar…

  6. Delirium - Sunbird Records

    22 Jan 2017

    Delirium live at Sunbird Records, Darwen 21st January 2017 After a frustrating day of photographing a particularly uninspiring band at an event, I was in need of seeing some quality live music. Something, anything to lift the spirits and give me hope that there’s still some talent out there in…

  7. Snow Burial - The Napier

    22 Jan 2017

    Snow Burial live at The Sir Charles Napier, Blackburn 20th January 2017 What can I say, The Napier goes from strength to strength in booking exceptionally talented live bands to enjoy. This week saw the arrival of Snow Burial “a hard-hitting and dynamic metal-infused experimental rock trio from Chicago”, currently…

  8. And So It Goes - Sunbird Records

    22 Jan 2017

    And So It Goes live at Sunbird Records, Darwen 20th January 2017 Hailing from Brighton, ‘And So It Goes’ delivered a powerhouse performance of self penned compositions. Consisting of three very capable musicians: Hope, Sadie and Jamie, ‘And So It Goes’ know how to weave a composition into an interesting and…

  9. Land Wars - Sunbird Records

    21 Jan 2017

    Land Wars live at Sunbird Records, Darwen 20th January 2017 A delightfully quirky and fun band hailing from London who like to describe their music as “sprinting full-speed down a steep hill”. An apt description, but doesn’t quite do justice to their true musical ability. These guys can play well.  …

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