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  1. Humans Of Beatherder 2018

    05 Aug 2018

    A handful of portraits snapped at the Beatherder Music Festival 2018. I had planned to do more, but ended up being far busier in the Perfumed Garden stage.  Sony A7 with a Volna-3 80mm f2.8 medium format lens. Matthew Feona Alex Ian Michael

  2. The Age Of Glass (Beatherder 2018)

    17 Jul 2018

    The Age Of Glass, performing at The Factory stage, Beat-Herder Festival 15th July 2018 All images shot with a Sony A7 fitted with a medium format Volna-3 80mm f2.8 lens (all while dancing like a nutter!) The Age Of Glass The Age Of Glass The Age Of Glass The Age…

  3. Today, They Are Older (The Sanctuary Burnley)

    07 May 2018

    After a few months of self imposed hiatus from gig photography to help recharge batteries, I needed a blowout from a stressful week at work. What better way to do this than go and photograph ‘Today, They Are Older’, who were performing at the recent Metal 2 Masses battle of…

  4. Daybreaker (The Sanctuary Burnley)

    05 May 2018

    After quite a long self imposed hiatus on doing gig photography, and particularly difficult week at work, I decided to throw myself into the gig mix again to blow off some cobwebs. Headed over to The Sanctuary Bar in Burnley to catch the semi finals of Metal 2 The Masses…

  5. Shadows and Light

    06 Apr 2018

    Mankes Tamsin A Kin Tamsin A Moet Shadows and Light (or making the most of back lighting only!). Captured at The Lemon Tree, Blackburn, Lancashire 4th April 2018. Featuring Mankes, Kin, Tamsin A and Moet. Shot with a Sony A7 using a Volna-3 80mm f2.8 medium format lens from a…

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