Today, They Are Older (The Sanctuary Burnley)

After a few months of self imposed hiatus from gig photography to help recharge batteries, I needed a blowout from a stressful week at work. What better way to do this than go and photograph ‘Today, They Are Older’, who were performing at the recent Metal 2 Masses battle of the bands event at The Sanctuary in Burnley Lancashire, 4th May 2018. I was there to support the band, firstly as a mate, but also because they’re damn awesome live and great to photograph, and don’t mind me sticking a camera in their face!

I’ve recently been using a Volna-3 80mm f2.8 medium format lens on the Sony A7, and decided to see how it handles in gig situations. Nothing like making your life difficult at gigs! For the most part the lens holds up well IF the subject is lit well. It’s not a low light monster by any means. Unlike my other lenses in low light, a lot of micro detail just gets lost and the images end up a bit soft. Not a deal breaker at all. Just something to be aware of when using it. The other lens used in these shots is the Bell and Howell 50mm f1.2 fixed aperture projector lens, which I used freelensed.

Using Format